Dharavi Community Programme

Dharavi, Mumbai, INDIA
Dharavi Community Programme

Our flagship community project, the Dharavi Community Programme, was launched in 2012, with the aim of encouraging children to empower themselves through sport. The project originally was to provide an outlet to the children to express themselves and keeping them away from addictive habits such as consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

However, over time, the programme has flourished into a football education programme, where not only are all the children trained to play football, they are encouraged to explore other facets of the sport such as coaching, managing, and even taking up businesses in sport! Some children are even beginning to take up coaching in order to supplement the family income.

Recently, a development team was formed from the children, with the intention to get them participating in tournaments. The team, comprising of 22 children, participated in the MDFA “C” Division qualifiers, and continue to persevere to become better!